About The IASFAA Website

The Department of Education includes the Office of Federal Student Aid which is providing over $155 billion annually in loans, grants, scholarships, or work-study funding for a college, university. or career educational institution. Still, many American parents experience severe problems with financing their children’s education.

This website is set up to support students and their parents with finding options to pay for college or courses at some other educational institution. We also help students (and parents) who want to get their GED certificates. We work together with the BestGEDClasses website that offers free GED practice tests and financing solutions.

This website is run by a couple of parents who have kids that didn’t start college yet but we know that soon enough we will struggle with finding information about financial help so we decided to start a blog to educate ourselves and help others.

How to Evaluate Debt Relief Services

So here you are. Up to your neck in debt with the large loans that you took out in the past and your credit card that you used for buying a new car, your wonderful vacations and a few electronic gadgets you thought were indispensable at a certain time. Your monthly payments strangulate you just to satisfy your creditors.

So now you’re receiving calls from some seemingly interesting debt relief service companies. They’re claiming that if you’ll be hiring them at just a minimal fee, they’ll go work for you in order to bring down your every month’s payments to just a fraction of the amount you have to come up with now. Should you be biting?

Basically, what they’re offering you is quite simple. When you’re in a troublesome financial position owing lots of money to your creditors, they’ll talk with them to either write off some of the debt or lower the interest rate on your debt. In concept, this sounds encouraging enough but as with the majority of finance things involving money, creditors, and good-sounding shortcuts, the fact of the matter is that this sort of things usually doesn’t play out that well.

How To Avoid Student Loan Debt

Basically, college students should not borrow more money than what they may expect to be making as an entry-level salary. But these days, that will be a daunting task. First, college and university tuition costs have dramatically gone up over the last years and it is often impossible for college students to estimate more or less accurately what they will make after they graduated. The best thing to do, if possible, to avoid student debt entirely by planning far ahead and parents should play a major role in this by having the financial plans in order and in a timely manner. Just get smart about money.

Is a college within your financial reach?
Many parents want their children to study at certain colleges just because of the schools’ status or because they think it guarantees their children a job. Well, the fact of the matter is that so many graduates of top-rated schools are having just as hard a time to get a rewarding and fulfilling as graduates from other schools. They as well need to cope with undue loads of student debt thanks to the schools of their choices. Continue reading