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Some Interesting Scholarships

Posted on February 1, 2019 by

Check out the following video in which Danyelle Honore explains how she earned a full academic scholarship. She often gets asked questions about tips for applying to scholarships. In this video, she gives several tips that she used to earn her scholarships:

Richard Hagen-­Minerva Harvey Memorial Scholarship

Scholarships are for enrolled members of Tribes with reservations located in South Dakota. Up to seven scholarships may be awarded each year- the amounts for two years of attendance is $1,000, three years is $1,500, and four years is $2,500.

Eligibility Requirements:
· Graduation from South Dakota High School
· Apply within 5 years after high school graduation or within 1 year after release from active military
· Enrolled member of a tribe reservation located in South Dakota
· Must attend a public or non-public accredited university

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The Borrower is SLAVE to the Lender. Do you agree?

Posted on December 21, 2018 by

Dave Ramsey often quotes the proverb: “The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is the slave to the lender.” Last Wednesday while in the post office, my son asked if he could borrow some money until today (when I pay him for his chores).

For the past five days, I have been trying to make this proverb as real as possible to my teenager son. In fact, after we were done at the post office and got back into the car, Dave Ramsey quoted it on the radio as soon as we turned on the car!

I warned my son: Mom is worse than any loan shark could think of being. Mom will charge an interest rate that would make payday loan places cringe. Son will be Mom’s wage slave for a period of five days unless Mom feels she didn’t get her money’s worth in which case that period of slavedom will be extended. (Is slavedom even a real word? Eh, who cares…he didn’t ask!)

To my son’s credit, he has put up with all my demands in good humor. To my credit, I haven’t made him scrub the bathroom with an old toothbrush. The dishes have been done, the kitchen floor is clean, and the aluminum cans have been stomped on as soon as I mention it.

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Student Debt Slaves

Posted on November 16, 2018 by

How Student Loan Consolidation May Help You

Good student loan consolidation just may be the answer to all of your problems and worries. Having the huge responsibility of paying back all of the money you have taken out to pay for an education can be overwhelming, and you probably neglected to think of this when you were taking them out. The time is now to start getting your loans paid back without having to put yourself into a financial mess. Don’t start off on the wrong foot by being unprepared for loan bills.

Affordable Monthly Payments

Affordable monthly payments are one of the prime reasons to get good student loan consolidation. With consolidation, you lengthen the time you have until the loan is due, thus, the payments you make are lower and the interest payments are lower as well. Don’t let heavy interest payments way you down and leave you without extra money. When you are young, you don’t want to not have the cash you need to go out and enjoy yourself. By paying less money for your school loans, you can have more money for yourself. More money in your pocket means less stress for you.

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Federal Stafford Loans

Posted on October 19, 2018 by

Are you needing to apply for one of the Federal Stafford Loans? The are two types of Federal Stafford Loans available to both undergraduate and graduate students. Federal Stafford Loans are supported by either the Federal Family Education Loan Program, (FFELP), or the William D. Ford, Federal Direct Student Loan Program, (FDSLP). Some schools may elect to provide both programs, though they are not required to do so. In both cases, the eligibility requirements are identical. There are however some differences regarding loan repayment.

Do you want to apply for Federal Stafford Loans? 
The two types of Federal Stafford Loans which you may be eligible for are:

Subsidized Stafford Loans: Subsidized Stafford Loans give students an opportunity to attain college funding at low-interest rates, without having to pay the interest until six months after being less than half enrolled in school.

Unsubsidized Stafford Loans: Unsubsidized Stafford Loans are similar to that of subsidized Stafford loans except that the student is required to either pay the interest while attending college, or the loan interest accrues while attending school, and payments are deferred until six months after the student is no longer enrolled more than half the time.

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Can Student Debt be avoided?

Posted on September 2, 2018 by

It’s possible for a young adult to experience the total college experience or obtain a marketable degree without accumulating a ridiculous amount of student loan debt. Most parents plan for their child’s future college education without taking into account the fact that they can’t control what their adult child ultimately does after turning 18.

Some of the best-laid plans can turn to dust so it’s always best to have backup ideas when it comes to college planning. Some parents take a tough approach to their child’s college planning.

They figure their child can pay his or her own way through college. But when their child threatens to go into the military since the military pays for college, they have a quick change of attitude.

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Graduate School Scholarships

Posted on July 25, 2018 by

Although every person in the United States has the right to education, not all students can utilize their right because of financial roadblocks. In order to ensure that finances do not affect a student’s want to pursue education, the government of United States and a number of private organizations provide graduate scholarships. These scholarships play a major role in easing a student’s way through college. Read on below for some of the most popular graduate school scholarships in the US.

Fulbright Scholarship

Fulbright scholarships were instituted in 1946 and have produced thousands of graduate students over the years. Scholarships under this program are provided for a wide range of streams and the number of students who can win these scholarships every year is eight thousand. Fifteen different kinds of grants are available under four categories – professional, student, scholar and teacher. The scholarship is open for all, irrespective of race and gender. The scholarship is 100 percent merit-based.

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Private K – 12 School Loans

Posted on June 16, 2018 by

Are you interested in applying for Private K – 12 School Loans? Receiving a good education is one of the most important factors in the development of a good foundation for a child’s future. With many of the states reporting a decline in the number of children passing federal education standards, it is apparent that the US education system is lacking the resources required to provide children with the required skills to prepare for the rigors of college & university.

Interested in applying for Private K – 12 School Loans?

There are also many other private school loans available – Below are some loans other than Private K – 12 School Loans:

• Private college student loans
• Private grad student loans
• Private professional student loans
• Private high School Loans

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Nursing Scholarships

Posted on May 11, 2018 by

Nursing is one of the most lucrative professions in the present times, with regard to employment potential. According to reports, the demand for nursing is all set to grow by 18 percent within the next decade. In specific, the highest growth rate in nursing is to be in physician offices with an expected 48 percent and in home health by 33 percent.

Nursing facilities are to be up by 25 percent. Although hospitals still remain fertile grounds for employment, the growth rate expected to be a bit lower at 17 percent. So, for a student graduating out of high school now, opting for the profession of nursing can be a very smart decision.

Unfortunately, enrollments in the field of nursing have dropped over the past few years despite the increase in demand, so much so that the United States faces a serious healthcare crisis due to a shortage of skilled nurses. In order to counter this undesirable trend in choosing a healthcare field, the government and several private bodies have instituted scholarships which ease the financial burden of the course on students. Given here are some of the best nursing scholarships in the USA.

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No-Essay Scholarships

Posted on April 13, 2018 by

One of the most pressing problems that a lot of students face is about the essays which they need to submit to win scholarships. A deserving student brilliant in mathematics and sciences could, unfortunately, miss out on scholarships just because he has poor language skills. A good alternative for these students is to opt for a no essay scholarship.

These scholarships are awarded to students without needing them to write essays. They have simplified the process of obtaining scholarships up to a large extent. Scholarships with no essays are offered by private companies and in most of them, there are no filters. This means that no special benefits are provided to certain students such as military veteran families or low-income groups. Everybody can apply and if you are lucky, you can win the scholarship.

How Do Scholarships without Essays Work?

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Law School Scholarships

Posted on March 10, 2018 by

Law is an excellent profession with higher than average salaries. However, the law school years can be tough because the fees charged by good universities run into tens of thousands of dollars for tuition alone. Along with boarding and lodging charges and textbook expenses, the cost swings right through the roof. So, law school applicants who cannot afford such high expenses are forced to apply for loans and grants.

There is another way of funding law school education as well, namely college scholarships. Although most of the scholarships do not pay full tuition fees, they can definitely ease the financial burden on the student. These scholarships are offered by colleges, universities, private bodies, law firms, churches and religious organizations, to name a few. If you research the available options, you are likely to come up with one which can be of great help. Read on below for some law scholarships available for American students.

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