Scholarships for Graduate School

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Although every person in the United States has the right to education, not all students can utilize their right because of financial roadblocks. In order to ensure that finances do not affect a student’s want to pursue education, the government of the United States and a number of private organizations provide graduate scholarships. These scholarships play a major role in easing a student’s way through college. Read on below for some of the most popular scholarships for graduate school in the US.

Fulbright Scholarship

Fulbright scholarships were instituted in 1946 and have produced thousands of graduate students over the years. Scholarships under this program are provided for a wide range of streams and the number of students who can win these scholarships every year is eight thousand. Fifteen different kinds of grants are available under four categories – professional, student, scholar and teacher. The scholarship is open for all, irrespective of race and gender. The scholarship is 100 percent merit-based.

In the past sixty-five years since its inception, the Fulbright Program has aided over 300,000 people in 155 countries. The list of beneficiaries boasts of an Olympic gold winner, 75 Pulitzer Prize winners, 28 heads of states, 40 Nobel Prize winners and several other people who have made a significant contribution to the world while earning a name for themselves. The only drawback of this scholarship is that the selection criteria are very stringent and there are hundreds of rules and regulations to be followed. But if you can figure out these things, getting this scholarship is really worth it. For Law School scholarships, check out this article.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation offers several scholarships for students from economically weak backgrounds. Different scholarships for graduate studies are also available for minorities and women. Gates Millennium Scholarship is one such program for minority graduate and undergraduate studies. Gates Cambridge Scholarship aids graduate students for studies and research at Cambridge University. Students who want to pursue an education in public service law can apply for Gates Public Service Law Scholarships. This scholarship is available for students of the University of Washington. African women scientists specializing in agriculture studies can benefit from the African Women in Agricultural Research and Development.

North American Interfraternal Foundation Scholarships

North American Interfraternal Foundation, as the name indicates, is meant to promote intercultural fraternity among people of different races and cultural backgrounds. Students of professional and social fraternities are provided fellowships and scholarships to promote education. Some of the scholarships offered by this organization are Jack Anson Fellowship, The Lloyd G. Balfour Fellowships, James H. McLaughlin Scholarship and Mary Louise Roller Panhellenic Scholarship. Thousands of students have benefited from these scholarships over the years. Apart from these scholarships, there are several college and profession-related scholarships which applicants can apply for.

Profession-Wise Scholarships

American Copy Editors Society Scholarship provides $2,500 grant for graduates and prospective graduates who show exceptional skills and excellence in the field of journalism. Students who are interesting in education studies can utilize Applegate Jackson Parks Future Teacher Scholarship. This scholarship awards $1,000 to one student who is found deserving. Licensed Mental Health Services Provider Education program is for social workers. This is not a typical scholarship program but provides up to $15,000 for repayment of education loans. Social workers must be licensed to work in California. There are other stipulations as well. Likewise, there are scholarships available in almost every field of study, from med school and nursing to engineering and management.

College-Wise Awards

There are many college-specific scholarships available because a lot of colleges offer financial aid either to their alumni or to deserving students of academic excellence. The scholarship can run between a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Some colleges cover as much as 50 percent of the entire study fee. Furthermore, some of the scholarships, like the Assumption College Standby Discount which provides a 50 percent reduction of tuition fees, are also available for spouses. The University of Pittsburgh offers $5,000 graduate scholarship to students enrolling and graduating from this University.

So, there is actually no dearth of scholarships available for graduate studies. Students can find the most suitable scholarship depending on their field of study and career aspirations and apply for them. However, they need to make sure that applications reach before deadlines and that all stipulations are met.