Graduate Student Loans

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Are you interested in applying for Graduate Student Loans? There are many loans available to college students that are pursuing their professional or graduate degrees. Both the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) and the Federal Direct Student Loan Program (FDSLP), offer Graduate Student Loans to undergraduate students. There too are many private lenders which offer Graduate Student Loans as well.

Interested in applying for Graduate Student Loans?
After receiving a college degree, many students choose to pursue their professional or graduate degrees. Though the costs of graduate school may be on the rise, with Graduate Student Loans, students which could not normally afford grad school, can continue on to receive their Graduate and Professional degrees.

Check out the two Stafford Graduate Student Loans available:

• FFELP Graduate Stafford Loan
• FDSLP Graduate Stafford Loan

Other graduate student loans which are also available are:

• FFELP Grad PLUS loan
• FDSLP Grad PLUS Loan
• Private Graduate PLUS loan

Due to the funding being guaranteed by the Federal government and the Department of Education, the most popular Graduate Student Loans are the Stafford loans, with the Direct loan program, Graduate Stafford Loans being the most sought after, and FFELP graduate Stafford Loans being the one most offered. One of the main benefits of the Graduate Student Loans offered through both the Stafford programs is the lower interest rates. Until 2014, Graduate Student Loans are at a fixed rate of 6.8%.

It is important to note that there are loan limitations which are imposed on the Federal Graduate Stafford Loans which include any prior Stafford loan amounts borrowed for undergraduate studies. Currently, the combined total maximum loan amount for Stafford loans is $138,500 – with no more than $65,500 being subsidized loans. Due to the relatively low increase in loan limits for Federal Stafford Loans, there has been a significant increase in Private Graduate Student Loans over the last decade.

Private College Student Loans

Are you interested in applying for Private College Student Loans? The Federal government offers several options for undergrad as well as graduate / professional students that are in pursuit of their college degree. In order to determine eligibility for Federal student aid, a student and the parents of a dependent student, need to fill out Free Application for Federal Student Aid, (FAFSA). Only after all options for Federal student aid have been exhausted should student pursue Private College Student Loans.
Interested in applying for Private College Student Loans?
Apply for Private College Student Loans today.

Some of the key benefits of Private College Student Loans that appeal to many students are list below:

No FAFSA required – With Private College Student Loans, there is no requirement for the student to file or be accepted through the determination of the Department of Education.

High lending limits – With either of the Federal financial aid programs, there is a limit to the amount of financial aid that a student may obtain. Private College Student Loans allow students to borrow a much larger amount of educational funds.

No application deadlines – There are also no time frames which the student must comply within to receive the funds; students may apply for Private College Student Loans any time of the year.

Personally disbursed loan payments – With the Federal financial aid programs, students do not receive the funds directly; the payments are sent directly to the school, and the student is then given the funds from the school. With Private College Student Loans, the funds are sent directly to the student.

Though there are obviously some very appealing advantages for a student to apply for Private College Student Loans in lieu of the difficult and time consuming Federal financial aid programs, many educational loan professionals suggest that students first exhaust all their efforts with Federal student loans prior to applying for Private College Student Loans.

One of the reasons that many students are choosing to turn to Private College Student Loans is due to the loan limits for Stafford Loans which have remained relatively unchanged in over a decade. With the costs of college tuition increasing steadily, and the amount of funding available through the government remaining low, the increase in recipients of Private College Student Loans is expected.