No-Essay Scholarships

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One of the most pressing problems that a lot of students face is about the essays which they need to submit to win scholarships. A deserving student brilliant in mathematics and sciences could, unfortunately, miss out on scholarships just because he has poor language skills. A good alternative for these students is to opt for a no essay scholarship.

These scholarships are awarded to students without needing them to write essays. They have simplified the process of obtaining scholarships up to a large extent. Scholarships with no essays are offered by private companies and in most of them, there are no filters. This means that no special benefits are provided to certain students such as military veteran families or low-income groups. Everybody can apply and if you are lucky, you can win the scholarship.

How Do Scholarships without Essays Work?

Many of these easy scholarships are awarded every month. So, if you miss out on your chance this month, you can always try your luck in the next. How do these scholarships work? The process is very simple. All you have to do is log into the website of the scholarship provider, fill out a form provided on the page and submit it. Selections are made randomly and it is purely based on luck. Different scholarships are for different amounts and it ranges from $250 to $10,000.  They range from scholarships for art or for moms to law school scholarships.

There are no hidden terms and conditions involved here. You just have to keep checking the deadline for each scholarship and apply before the stipulated time. The date for the announcement of results is also provided on the website. If you are selected for the scholarship, you are informed through mail. Results are posted on the respective websites. Some of the providers post results on their FaceBook page. So, you can check in these sources.  Here is a list of some of the most popular no essay scholarships.

College Prowler $2,000 Scholarship

College Prowler is one of the most popular no essay scholarships. It is very reliable as well. As the name indicates, you don’t have to submit any essays. The process is as mentioned above. Log into the web page, fill out a form, submit it and wait for the results. College Prowler offers $2,000 every month and there are no limitations to the number of times you can apply for it. So, try your luck every month. You might get lucky someday. $2,000 can really help you out in more than one ways. Also, anybody can apply for these scholarships, be it adults looking to go back to school, current college students, high school students and just about anybody else. Check out also this post about Florida scholarships.

$10,000 College Scholarship

This scholarship, which is valued at $10,000, is offered by 10kforschool and it is open to anybody wanting to continue education. Once you go through the common form submission process, you can keep your fingers crossed and wait for the results. The scholarship is offered once in every thirty days. So, although you can submit your application every thirty days, you cannot put in multiple applications within the month. You need to keep checking deadlines because they vary all through the year. Ten grand can take care of a lot of your academic expenses.

American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarship

There are two kinds of scholarships offered by the American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA). High school students can avail $2,000 scholarship and for college students, AFSA offers a second chance scholarship program of $1,000. You don’t actually have to write any kind of essay here. However, you have to read an essay on Fire Safety and answer an online quiz based on it. Every question asked in the quiz in present in the essay. So, if you read thoroughly enough, you can sail through the quiz and grab that scholarship. Ten AFSA scholarships are offered every year.

Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation

Common Knowledge offers not one but many scholarships valued at different amounts ranging from $250 to $2,500. To win this scholarship, you have to take an online quiz on common knowledge subjects. You do not have to write any kind of essays. The quiz is not very demanding. If your common knowledge is good, this scholarship is smooth sailing for you. And if you want to learn about getting help to pay for your LPN training in Texas, check out this post.

College Scholarship Guide

CollegeScholarshipGuide has offered new scholarship programs and the money could be to the tune of $10000. The minimum age for applying to this program is 18. There is no other stipulation required, no quizzes needed and no tests to pass. Fill out the form and wait for the results. The scholarship is open to all so this is your best way to avoid the burden of an enormous study debt.

Scholarships without essays are extremely beneficial for people wanting to study, be it high school students, veterans, professionals wanting to go back to school or anybody else. What is important here is the “intention” to study and not your level of your mental prowess. Obtaining the scholarship is absurdly easy as well.