Scholarships in Florida

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Florida offers a number of scholarships in order to enable students from different social and economic strata to acquire higher educational degrees. These scholarships in Florida help to manage college expenditures. There are various need-based, religion-based, origin-based and interest based scholarships. See also this Bright Futures Scholarship video:

You can select the scholarship on the basis of your criteria and pursue your higher studies conveniently. Florida scholarships can be availed by all the residents of Florida who are the citizens of the US or are eligible non-citizens. The applicants should not have any past record of loan or grant defaults on a state or national level.

Scholarships are awarded to students who are interested to pursue higher studies through educational institutions in Florida with a minimum one year course.

List of Florida Scholarships

Scholarships available in Florida help the students to arrange required funds for the desired educational program. Some of the scholarships within Florida are listed below. For Texas LPN financial support click here.

Barnes Scholarship

This scholarship in Florida is applicable for the seniors pursuing high school degree in one of the mentioned counties: Citrus, Hernando, Pasco, Pinellas, and Hillsborough. With an average grant of $15,000, this scholarship is allocated to four candidates a year. The deadline for the scholarship is 15th October and the scholarship can only be availed by students enrolled into a full-time course.

Florida Student Assistance Grant Program

The FSAG program is awarded to undergraduate students who are enrolled in one of the member institutions that offer post-secondary courses. The scholarships are classified based on the number of credit hours devoted to a particular course. Grants offered by this organization range from $200 to $2,413 and can easily be renewed.

The Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program

This Florida scholarship is based on the standard high school diploma. This scholarship can be availed by those students who have enrolled in public or private post-secondary institutions in Florida. To receive the grant you need to access it within three years of the high school graduation.

Bailey Family Foundation College Scholarship

This need-based scholarship is applicable for students hailing from Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Polk counties in Florida. Apart from the regular eligibility criteria, a student must enroll in one of the listed schools and must acquire an average GPA of 2.5. This scholarship offers an annual cash award of $5,000 and provides adequate financial help to pursue an undergraduate course.

First Generation Matching Grant Program

This scholarship program designed for Florida residents is based on the financial requirements of the applicants. The main criterion of this scholarship program is that the applicant must be the first in the family to pursue a baccalaureate degree or an equivalent higher degree. The candidates need to enroll into a Florida state university or a public community college in Florida and each member institution gets the freedom to set their respective deadlines, selection process, basic requirements, and scholarship money. The grants are given to the students pursuing an undergraduate course with at least 6 credit hours for a specific given term.

Access to Better Learning and Education Program

This grant helps them pursue the undergraduate course without any financial hindrance. The students need to register for courses with 12 credit hours assigned for a particular term and full liberty is given to the eligible post-secondary institutes to set their own guidelines. Check out also this post on student debt relief.

José Martí Scholarship Challenge Grant Fund

This scholarship within Florida is created to offer financial aid to students belonging to the Hispanic society. The students need to join the Public or private Florida educational institutions and should acquire a GPA of 3.0. One of the biological parents should belong to any Hispanic country in the Caribbean, Central America or South America. The students are required to join a 12 credit hours undergraduate course and a 9 credit hours graduate course. Once the basic requirements are fulfilled, an applicant can avail a full scholarship of $2,000.

Mary McLeod Bethune Scholarship Program

Based on the academic excellence, this scholarship is conferred to students pursuing undergraduate courses for 12 credit hours in any one of the institutes: Bethune-Cookman University, Edward Waters College, Florida A&M University and Florida Memorial University. The students should not have a prior baccalaureate degree and fulfill the basic guidelines set individually by each of these institutes.

Florida Public Post-Secondary Career Education Student Grant Program

This scholarship offers financial aid to students who have joined courses in the listed Florida colleges or different career centers situated at other districts. This grant is open to all Florida residents who have enrolled themselves for a minimum of 450-hour course in one of the member institutes. Each institute gets the power of setting its own rules and regulations for the applicant’s eligibility and also offers renewal programs.

The wide range of scholarships offered in Florida is beneficial for the students who are otherwise unable to pursue higher studies. These grants open up several opportunities for the deserving candidates and help to build up a better future. Information about Federal Plus Loans is available here.