Scholarships in Texas – Nursing LPN Programs

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In Texas, as is the case all over the country, there is usually a shortage of trained nurses – both LPNs and RNS – especially in the more rural areas, which leaves entire communities medically underserved. One of the biggest hurdles to becoming a nurse for many students though is often actually affording to enroll in LPN programs in Texas in order to gain the education they need to qualify and work as licensed practical nurses. Let’s take a closer look at some options for scholarships in Texas.

To help address this issue there are a number of nursing scholarships available to those who want to enroll in LPN programs in Texas but will have problems meeting their financial obligations. Here is some information about just a few of those programs:

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Professional Nursing Scholarship – This government program provides funding in the form of a professional nursing scholarship of up to $2,500 to Texas state residents who have a lower income and want to attend an accredited Texas nursing school, including LPN programs in Texas. The student must enroll in school on at least a part-time basis and the actual size of the award is based on each individual student’s needs.

You can learn more about this scholarship to help you attend LPN programs in Texas by visiting or calling 512-427-6340

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Vocational Nursing Scholarship
– An alternative description of what an LPN is a vocational nurse. In some states the LPN designation is no longer used, LVN or licensed vocational nurse is the accepted term. This is a scholarship offering aimed specifically to assist those who want to become vocational nurses by attending LPN programs in Texas. Again a student must be enrolled in an accredited LPN program at a vocational or technical school (not a university) in Texas to qualify, be a low-income student and be an official Texas state resident. The maximum award is $2,500.

You can learn more about this nursing scholarship award to help you afford the cost of tuition at accredited LPN programs in Texas by once again visiting

The Good Samaritan Foundation Nursing Scholarship – This privately funded offering is available to nursing students who are in the clinical phase of LPN programs in Texas as well as in RN or higher programs. Check out also this post on Federal PLUS Loans.

Applicants must be Texas state residents and pledge to work in the State of Texas after graduation for a certain period of time or the monies will have to be repaid. If this obligation is met however the funds never need to be repaid. The actual number of scholarships awarded and the dollar amounts vary from year to year based upon the funding available to the Foundation. There also more news on student loan reduction here.

To learn more about this scholarship to help you afford the cost of attending LPN programs in Texas and to apply, visit or call 713-529-4646